"Jewish Ritual Murder" ... This is on Facebook?

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This is a screen shot from Facebook of the page belonging to the "Jewish Ritual Murder Community." This isn't a community of people exposing the myth of Jewish ritual murder.  It's a community that believes in the myth.

This is an excerpt from a post in September 2014:

The claim is bogus, of course.  It's a classic example of anti-Semitism known as the Jewish Blood Libel, explained here and here.

Facebook has a policy against pages of this sort, which has nearly 800 likes.  The social media network's community standards says "Facebook does not permit hate speech."

But when a user brought this page to Facebook's attention as an example of hate speech they were told it didn't violate Facebook's standards. The email Facebook sent this user (which made its way to HNN) is reproduced below:

The page has been dormant since September, but remains live.

As on other Facebook pages, visitors are prompted to invite their friends to join:

Who is behind this page?  That's unknown.  Clicking on the "About" tab doesn't help.  All one reads there, in what seems like a Monty Python joke, is that "Comments that are offensive, obscene, vulgar, irrelevant to this page or classified as spam will be removed."

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