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How New York’s new monument whitewashes the women’s rights movement

by Martha S. Jones

It offers a narrow vision of the activists who fought for equality.


Why Trump’s recognition of the Golan Heights as Israeli territory is significant

by Dina Badie

Given the dimensions of America’s global influence, U.S. recognition could lend some legitimacy to Israel’s controversial annexation policy



What Mueller's probe has already revealed about Trump

by Julian Zelizer

The price of this entire process has already been high.



Why Historians Are Like Tax Collectors

by Matthew Gabriele

Studying the past - and then, importantly, talking about it with an audience - is about revealing the mess behind the myth, the story behind what we think we know.



An Economist with a Heart

by Hedrick Smith

Alan Krueger, the Princeton professor and economic adviser to two presidents who died last weekend, was one of those rare economists who break out of the ivory tower and plunge restlessly into the real world.



The New Zealand Shooting and the eternal fear of “race suicide”

by Jonathon Zimmerman

Put simply, the fear of being flooded by foreign hordes is baked into our national DNA. And it all starts with the question of fertility.



The danger of denying black Americans political rights

by Kellie Carter Jackson

Without access to political rights, violence becomes a crucial tool in the fight for freedom.



Turning Our Backs on Nuremberg

by Rebecca Gordon

John Bolton and Mike Pompeo Defy the International Criminal Court



How Experts and Their Facts Created Immigration Restriction

by Katherine Benton-Cohen

Facts have a history, and we ought to admit it.



Democrats’ Voting-Rights Push Could Begin a Third Reconstruction

by Ed Kilgore

As in the Reconstruction era after the Civil War, one party is committed to the use of federal power to vindicate voting rights, and the other is opposed.



Democrats are holding their convention in Milwaukee. The city’s socialist past is an asset.

by Tula Connell

With the announcement of Milwaukee as the site of the 2020 Democratic National Convention, political opponents wasted no time in raising the specter of the city’s socialist past.

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