• The Lynching of David Wyatt

    by Greg Bailey

    Lynching and mob terrorism against African Americans have never been a strictly southern phenomenon as a bloody incident from southern Illinois's histrory reveals. 

  • Ida Taught Me

    by Koritha Mitchell

    As the United States seems determined to repeat the horrors of the last turn of the century, I remain grateful for Wells’s example. Here is just some of what she taught me.

  • Ida B. Wells Honored with Posthumous Pulitzer

    Ida B. Wells's pioneering role as a journalist on the front lines of struggle against racist terrorism at the nadir of American race relations was posthumously recognized with a Pulitzer Prize yesterday. 

  • When Anti-Lynching Law Was a Tool of Oppression

    by Guy Lancaster

    Arkansas used its ostensible “anti-lynching” law to transform the “bad violence” of the mob into the “good violence” of the state, to transform lynching into officially sanctioned execution.