American History

  • America’s Original Identity Politics

    by Sarah Churchwell

    The good news for anyone feeling perturbed is that it simply isn’t true that identity politics represents the end of America or of liberal democracy. 

  • Trump's muddled view of American history

    Several historians who have studied the presidency extensively said they are concerned that Trump seems to view his lack of interest in reading as a badge of honor.

  • The Hebrew Republic

    by Peter J. Leithart

    During the Revolution, writers and preachers turned to the historical books of the Hebrew Bible to fill out ancient Roman analyses of political corruption.

  • Cyclorama no more

    Work is underway at Gettysburg National Military Park to rehabilitate the northern section of Cemetery Ridge to its historic condition, and a key step in that project has now been completed. On March 11, several dozen people gathered to watch the demolition of the last remaining portion of the old Cyclorama building....

  • FBI: We know who carried out greatest art heist in American history

    The FBI knows who pulled off the biggest art heist in history, but they aren't naming names. And as for what become of the $580 million worth of masterpieces stolen exactly 23 years ago from a Boston museum, investigators say that trail went cold a decade ago. The FBI said Monday it would be "imprudent" to disclose the identities of the thieves who stole 13 works of art from Boston's Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in 1990, but said they belong to a criminal organization, and they said they believe the art work has "changed hands several times" over the years....   

  • Archaeologist: Bodies may be earliest remains found in Charleston

    Friday proved to be another fascinating day of discovery at the Gaillard Auditorium construction site. Archaeologists found coins they believe date back to the late 1600s or early 1700s. So far, archaeologists have unearthed 37 graves that may date back to the colonial days of the city. Eric Poplin, the lead archaeologist, said Friday the coins were found near the remains of an adult and a child....