Woodrow Wilson

  • Children Are At Risk. Why Aren’t We Doing More?

    by Molly Ladd-Taylor and Kriste Lindenmeyer

    100 years ago Woodrow Wilson launched a federal initiative to improve children’s health and welfare. He called it Children’s Year. It’s time for another.

  • How ‘Mr. Wilson’s War’ Shaped the World Order

    by Arthur Herman

    While Woodrow Wilson may have entered World War I in part for the wrong reasons — to fulfill utopian dreams — 100 years later his decision stands as the right one. In the final analysis, it has made the world, and the U.S., safer.

  • Does Woodrow Wilson Have an Irish Problem, too?

    by Robert Schmuhl

    Although he tried to disguise another bias, an examination of his papers reveals an almost total lack of concern for the Irish Question that demanded an answer during his presidency.

  • Damnatio Memoriae

    by Claire McCaffery Griffin

    We shouldn't be erasing history.