• John Lukacs, iconoclastic scholar of history, dies at 95

    John Lukacs, a Hungarian-born historian and iconoclast who brooded over the future of Western civilization, wrote a best-selling tribute to Winston Churchill and produced a substantial and often despairing body of writings on the politics and culture of Europe and the United States.

  • An Economist with a Heart

    by Hedrick Smith

    Alan Krueger, the Princeton professor and economic adviser to two presidents who died last weekend, was one of those rare economists who break out of the ivory tower and plunge restlessly into the real world

  • Leo Ribuffo's Obituary Appears in the Washington Post

    “Irascible, brilliant and deeply learned, Ribuffo argued that America’s anti-liberal traditions were far more deeply rooted in the past, and far angrier than most historians would acknowledge."

  • A Fond Farewell to Jonathan Schell

    by Jim Sleeper

    Schell represented a WASP cultural sensibility and poured it into the beginnings of a transracial, global civil society.