• Is the Western World Declining and Russia Rising?

    by Walter G. Moss

    Yes, according to Glenn Diesen’s 2018 book The Decay of Western Civilization and Resurgence of Russia. But this isn't the first time scholars have made such a prediction and been wrong. 

  • The Island That Changed History

    by Sergey Radchenko

    A 1969 border clash between Moscow and Beijing pushed the two apart, and opened the door for Nixon to go to China.

  • A Sparkling Shrine to a Reviled Russian Leader

    The torrents of scorn poured on Mr. Yeltsin and his era by the Kremlin’s cheerleaders have given the complex an edgy appeal, helping it attract more than 700,000 visitors since it opened three winters ago.

  • Stalin’s Soaring Moscow Towers Sorely Need Body Work

    Most of the city’s so-called “Stalin high-rises” — both residential and government buildings — desperately need renovating. They are stuck in limbo, however, over who will foot the substantial bill.